In order to be successful in multi-level marketing or any
other business, you need a steady supply of highly targeted
leads that are eager to join Best Database Provider your business opportunity or
buy your products and services. The question is how do you
get your hands on highly targeted leads?.

Firstly you can purchase leads from lead vendors or you can
find sites on the internet where you can download leads for
free which you share with many other people.

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If you consider purchasing leads from a lead vendor, be sure
to check the quality before ordering, ask the lead vendor
for a sample list so you can test the quality. Also go to
Google and search for reviews of the lead vendor, you may
even want to contact people that have ordered leads from the
lead vendor to ensure that the quality is in order.

In general you should stay away from free leads. Free leads
are shared by hundreds if not thousands of people, the
quality is very low and you risk getting accused of

The next question is should you use a commercial
, or run one on your own PC. You can invest in
your own software but besides having to make
sure your PC is connected to the internet 24/7, the big
problem is alleged spam. Your software may
automatically remove people from your list but there are
databases maintained in many Cell Phone Number List  countries which are basically
‘do no mail to’ lists. If you mail somebody on those lists
you risk being prosecuted and fined. Also your mails go
through several servers before they reach their destination.
Many sites register the amount of traffic coming from the
same URL. If they register a high amount of regular traffic
coming from your URL, you risk having your URL blacklisted.
When that happens your service provider is notified and now
your mails nowhere and you have a lot of explaining to do.

Countries have different laws about email database list so what
is legal in one country may be illegal in another country.
In the UK it is illegal to mail to a list that you cannot
prove that you have complied yourself, normally that must be
double opt in leads. That again means you are not allowed to
use any kind of purchased leads!. Commercial
services have been set up to handle all those issues, saving
you a lot of potential headaches.

There are many other good reasons for generating your own
fresh-targeted leads.

Leads being sold are not specifically targeting your
business. The leads may have expressed interest in learning
about business opportunities but that does not mean that
they are guaranteed to be interested in your kind of

The leads you generate yourself are targeted leads that are
much more responsive than those leads you can purchase from
lead vendors. Purchased WhatsApp Mobile Number List leads may have been sold over and
over again, and may already have contacted by many network
marketers. A big difference is also that the leads you
generate yourself are people coming to you because they want
to learn more about what you have to offer, there is a BIG

Your generated leads are yours exclusively, you do not have
to share them with anybody else.

The leads you generate yourself are so-called real-time
leads meaning that you get them instantly and you can
respond to them immediately. When you purchase leads they
may be 7 days old, 30 days old or even older.

When generating bulk SMS marketing your own leads you are in full control. You
decide what questions you want to ask the prospects, meaning
you can set up your own procedure for qualifying leads based
on their answers to your questions. Prospects may not want
to answer all questions but it you include a comment space
on your lead capture page, they may share valuable
information with you that will make it easier when
contacting them the first time.

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