How To Market With The 411 Database

The 411 database provides the same information that the local phone companies use across the United States and in phone books. You can purchase these leads from list brokers and list management companies that are experts in generating, sourcing and managing this database. It is always important to find a company that can provide you with high performance, accurate and verified leads so that you can grow your business. This list comes with names, phone numbers and complete addresses that have proven to be effective in calling or mailing campaigns.

The Best Database Provider has been proven very useful for companies that specialize in finance, mortgages, targeting new homeowners and much more. Some marketing companies are able to also to provide you with reverse phone number lookups and address searches from this database. The national 411 database has over 200 million active records that change on a daily basis as it becomes updated. This updated information helps to provide information that is more accurate so that you can be successful when calling or mailing to these prospects for your services. Often times there are two phone numbers provided which helps to increase the connection ratios. This list is ideal to load into a phone or computer-dialing system since they will take out any disconnects or wrong numbers. A comprehensive media directory helps to reach many prospects in all different areas. You are able to target specific states, counties or cities with this database for more local sales in your area.

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Finding consumers and businesses has never been easier with the 411 database. This data helps to provide an easy way of managing a large amount of information at a very low cost. You can purchase a small amount to test out to see just how successful calling or mailing to these prospects can be. This list is great for all industries and can help with different types of fundraisers to reach a large amount of people. With the price of marketing today being very high, it is important to cut costs where possible and still achieve a good return on your investment and time.

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