Here are some macro trends and key figures – more specific to the French market – which illustrate their point:

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E-commerce growth should reach on average in Europe 25% of retail sales (excluding travel and food) and 35% in France by 2025 – and the English market should remain the leader with nearly 50% of digital sales. This means that the majority of sales will still take place in stores, hence the importance of hybridizing customer journeys between offline and digital, because consumers will want to continue to have the choice of the multiple options they have. had during successive confinements.

Traditional Buy Mobile Database retailers will be less squeezed than in other countries between the explosion in the weight of marketplaces and the meteoric rise of D2C. Marketplaces should already represent 25% of retail sales in China at the end of 2021 against 10% in the US and Argentina, but only 5% in France. The sector is very dynamic with very interesting French players such as Mirakl or Octopia. Digital already represents 33% of sales for an actor like Nike and the objective is to reach 50% by 2025. For an actor like Procter & Gamble, digital represents about 15% of sales, but for P&G as for Unilever, Danone, Mondelez, or Kraft, the D2C remains to be built and only represents a few hundred million euros in revenue at best.

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Environmental concerns will push Best Database Provider retail companies to become more responsible. In this Black Friday week when the frenzy of overconsumption reigns, initiatives for more responsible purchases – such as Make Friday Green Again – are mobilizing more and more brands and retailers. My colleague Fiona Swerdlow has summarized our point in this blog. I explained here the challenges of sustainable transformation for companies. This transformation will take several years, but from 2022, the circular economy will be at the heart of the new economic models of the most virtuous companies. The second-hand market will continue to explode because it allows both purchasing power and environmental protection to be reconciled.
Partnerships and new economic models – especially retail media – will accelerate. This is true at all levels, whether in “store in the store” operations or in the search for alternatives in China to the giants Alibaba or JD.Com. Many retailers are testing new offers, in particular with subscriptions such as Monoprix with Monopflix or Fnac Darty with DartyMax. Best Database Provider Retail media is exploding with obviously the juggernaut Amazon (nearly 8 billion euros in total advertising revenue in the last quarter alone), but also Critéo which has developed numerous partnerships with retailers such as Carrefour, or even Casino and Intermarché which develop Infinity Advertising based on Casino’s relevant. Forrester estimates that the global retail media market is expected to reach $ 50 billion by the end of 2022.

The sinews of war will obviously remain  Buy Mobile Database the mastery of data, logistics, and omnichannel in the service of a better customer experience… With the hype around the beginnings of the metaverse, the opening of virtual stores like that of Dyson, there is no doubt that we will still talk a lot about virtual and augmented reality, but these technologies will remain niches in 2022. A lot of fashion effects are also on live streaming, even if some players like Fnac Darty are starting to industrialize their approach. The critical issue will remain the operational control of everything that is less visible: data governance to take advantage of analytical tools, personalization techniques and artificial intelligence, not to mention the control of logistics flows to the time when the supply chains are severely disrupted and when the management of returns becomes a service that makes it possible to stand out from the competition.

For those who wish to know more or discuss this subject, do not hesitate to contact me or watch the entire opening speech in the video below with all of my speeches during the opening keynote of the One To One Retail eCommerce conference in Monaco at the end of last October.

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