I would recommend you to check out Best Database Provider once. It’s a B2B corporate database provider and it uses machine learning to process highly customised data real-time.

Whenever you plan to buy a database, the following are the important points that you should look at.

  • Whether the data provider can customise the data as per your targeting?
  • How fresh is the data? Is it processed real-time as per your targeting? The more it is custom to your need, the better it will have accuracy.
  • How much is the email deliverability accuracy commitment? A good set will have 90–95% commitment on email deliverability.
  • How much time it will take for the data to be delivered?
  • How many data points per contact you are going to get? The more the data points, the better you can personalise your emails and improve your campaign performance.

Always ask for a sample data first before making a purchase.

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