If you are looking to buy lists for E Mail Marketing, you should ensure Best Database Provider that you only buy targeted E Mail lists.

Buying E Mail Lists are not always the best idea. You should only buy E Mail lists if they are targeted leads. Otherwise you will have a very poor response on your marketing campaigns.

Given below are some of the things you need to consider before buying an E Mail List.

  • How old is the data ? – Ensure that the data is not more than 2–3 months old. If the data is older than that, there is a good chance that a good number of the leads will be outdated and irrelevant.
  • Do they provide a sample ? – Always ask for a sample before you buy data from any provider.
  • Is there a refund policy ? – What if the data is not as good as promised to you ? Or if there are bad leads ? In that case, do they provide a refund or return policy ?
  • What is the cost ? – Buying data can be a costly affair. You may need to pay as much as 70c-80c per lead. Do not pay more than that. Use your bargaining skills to bring the costs down.
  • Never buy in bulk – You do not want to be stuck with a load of bad leads after buying in bulk. Always buy data in small batches as per your need. Try out different providers if needed.

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