In parallel with the digital transformation and the reorganization around the customer, companies are facing a new wave of disruption and transformation around sustainable development.

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As I explained in more detail in my previous article in English, to transform in-depth, companies must implement three principles:

A strategic vision embodied by daring leadership: it is not only a question of (re) defining a corporate mission, it must also be unique and authentic, but above all that it be aligned with the model economic of the company which will have to evolve. At Best Database Provider the start of the year, 56% of the Fortune 500 had appointed a Chief Sustainability Officer. It’s encouraging, but the challenge is for the CEO or founder to give him authority and influence to orchestrate an internal transformation. It is no coincidence that more and more CSR directors report directly to the CEO and that the most responsible of them are often visionaries who embody change like Emmanuel Faber, Yvon Chouinard, or Ray Anderson.

Operational Buy Mobile Database execution at all levels of the organization. The challenge is not to define an ESG strategy but to integrate it into each function and into each business unit. Sustainable transformation involves analyzing the societal and environmental impact on the entire value chain and the life cycle of products and solutions: from the sourcing of ingredients and raw materials to last-mile delivery. Sustainable innovation requires a new way of innovating. In this regard, the concept of frugal innovation developed by my former colleague Navi Rajouis exciting. It also means measuring performance beyond just shareholder value. This is what is at stake with ESG criteria and the now critical attention paid to non-financial reporting, to double-materiality analyzes, and to what is sometimes called triple bottom line accounting (People, Planet, Profit ).

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An alignment of all stakeholders based on trust. Consumer confidence is key, but difficult to achieve and never won. Henry Peyret, the former colleague in the Paris office and pioneer of our research on values, liked to point out that the French were among the most defiant peoples in the world. On the role of companies in sustainable development, the latest figures prove him right (only Swedes in Europe are more skeptical!): If 55% of consumers we questioned consider that companies have a responsibility to protect the environment, only 26% trust them for this. Best Database Provider Employee confidence becomes Buy Mobile Database critical and helps acquire and retain talent. We need to create a culture of sustainable development that involves investing massively in awareness-raising and training (as with the excellent rescue du Climat ) or to give employees time to invest in sustainable projects. SAP, for example, allows 300 of its “sustainability champions” to spend 10% of their working time on this type of project. To gain the trust of everyone, including civil society and shareholders, and to authenticate actions, investments in auditing and certification will multiply. For example, PwC has announced that it will recruit 100,000 people and invest $ 12 billion in ESG over the next 5 years.

What are the challenges for marketing departments? What is an authentic brand? Who is more authentic in their approach: Danone, L’Oréal, Engie, Total, Gillette among so many brands? I tried to answer these complex questions during the opening keynote of the One To One Digital Marketing conference in Biarritz last October.

If I had to sum up this very complex subject in a few sentences, I would say that:

Authenticity is first and foremost loyalty and sincerity to its values.
Trust is the new competitive advantage of sustainable transformation. We must master the levers of trust that are responsibility, consistency, competence, reliability, empathy, integrity, and transparency.
The CMO must go back to the fundamentals of marketing to become the conductor of the brand, customer, and employee experiences.
For those who wish to know more or discuss this subject, do not hesitate to contact me or watch the full opening speech in the video below.


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