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 The result is that we are so accustome to using it that we have forgotten that it exists. In a previous project. the author change a word from He really The people behind in the thinks about you to He really thinks about you. which immeiately change the original sentence that may have seeme stiff but it is correct in Simplifie Chinese. The changes are very like the sentences spoken by Taiwanese but if it is shown to the reviewers in Simplifie Chinese and Chinese. they will probably think it is reundant words.

So since the person who

originally left this message has already written Bahrain WhatsApp Number List two simplifie Chinese characters. it is really difficult to think that he meant to say not moving as we often say dont forget that he also wrote no longer instead of Not anymore. What he originally wante to express was probably  not move since a certain point in time. In this case. it is actually correct to write Zai. Ever since the Nationalist Government move to Taiwan and formulate the Mandarin language. the Mandarin language has been inevitably influence by the Taiwanese language.

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 The author believes that

as long as they do not interfere with each others general Brazil WhatsApp Number List principles in fact. to put it bluntly. the degree should not go too far. leaving some traces of each other can actually be regarde as Taiwans unique historical The people behind in the trajectory. It is precisely because of this unique history that our Mandarin language has the influence of Taiwanese and the memory of a certain era for example. calling a beach umbrella a fivemilliondollar umbrella comes from a TV commercial of Shin Kong Life Insurance in .

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