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and granddaughterinlaw is the sixth candidate word on the second page. Note that there is no wife in either case. At the same time. the authors father Beijing accent another possible also confirme that he had heard of daughterinlaw and the use of daughterinlaw as his own wife when he was a child. My fathers father is from Liaoning. and my mother is from Jiangxi. They are purely from other provinces. My mother. who is from this province. seems to have never heard of this usage.

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today. my friend also happene to find an Iraq WhatsApp Number Dataold obituary of Ms. Jiang Fangliang the wife of former President Chiang Chingkuo from . The obituary read in the byline Filial son Filial daughterinlaw Filial daughter Filial soninlaw Filial grandson Filial grandsoninlaw Filial granddaughter Filial grandsoninlaw We can see that the usage of granddaughterinlaw does appear in this obituary from earlier than the invasion of most Chinese terms. but sons wife is not written as filial piety although the format allows it.

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 Daughterinlaw Therefore

judging from the above clues. there are twoMalaysia WhatsApp Number List main possible factors for the differences in the usage of daughterinlaw between the two sides. The first is the provincial factor. Maybe the authors father was born in a family of people from the northern provinces. so he uses a usage similar to Chinese Mandarin. which is also mainly from the northern provinces  In the early years. these usages were also use in Taiwan.

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