Big A said that after leaving journalism for many

 As a meia that starte producing podcasts very early. the Mario Drinks with You team continues to think about how to change and innovate to provide listeners with a different listening experience. The team propose to writer Big A in February to discuss the possibility of cohosting and coproducing the show. Because of the tacit understanding and experience Big A said that after leaving journalism in the past. the two parties hit it off and decide to start planning a new season of the show. Writer Big A was a guest in the first episode of the first season. and also guest hoste Yang Shifan in the third season.

In addition to knowing

each other for a long time. the two have also Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List worke together for many years. and they have a perfect understanding. Regarding inviting Big A to be the host together. Yang Shifan said that this was the first choice that came to mind when the production team first thought about the dual host format. Producer Fan Zhengwen adde. The two episodes with Big A receive very good responses from the audience. and Big A and Mario also have a sharp contrast in their speech styles and personalities.

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 I believe they will create

different sparks. years. he is looking forward to Mexico WhatsApp Number List interviewing creators in different fields again. Start from the role of a woman or a mother and ask questions on behalf of a woman. I believe that the insights from the conversation will also help her creative content to have more fresh nutrients. Mario Drinks With You has interviewe more than a hundre celebrities and professionals in the past three seasons. including corporate CEOs. politicians. university professors. psychologists. athletes. directors. entertainers. and bestselling authors. and has been well receive by listeners.

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