Chinese characters in modern times were only expresse

I use conversion software to do it before. and because this character is almost only use for adverbial words . the sound that people usually input is Chinese characters in with four tones someone may type two tones for questions. Regardless of the old or new phonetic notation. regardless of whether this ㄟ is paire with one. two. three or four tones. the first character that comes out is the simplifie character eh.

In fact when I was

young. when I wante to express an exclamation Belgium WhatsApp Number Data or pronounce words similar to ㄟ. I always use the character eh both the old and new phonetic pronunciation have four tones. and the old phonetic pronunciation is sorte after the simplifie character eh. The author has only seen the simplifie character eh and its traditional version of eh in the form of simplifie characters. characters converte using software. and people who have been severely influence by Chinese lingo in recent years.

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When I was writing

this book a few days ago. I checke out the Little Henry Australia WhatsApp Number Listcomics from the s. and discovere that many of these meaningless pronunciations that would have been expresse using with phonetic symbols back then. But even if the comic is from . there are still things like oh end of sentence and ma written in Chinese characters. and wow single character into sentence. which were spelle out with phonetic symbols back then.

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