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Maybe this is a gradual evolution. In the past. some had to write Chinese. Characters. and some only use spelling. and later evolve. To all writing  problem of difficulty in displaying the phonetic notation on the computer in the early years. And because these meaningless words evolve more frequently. it is easier for new or foreign usages to enter. For example. the what of such and then use to be written as end a long time ago before the period of the Nationalist Government in Mainland China. around the time of Hu Shi and Xu Zhimo. right by the time the author was eucate as a child. it was written as End.

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in the millennium. many people wrote on the Brazil WhatsApp Number Data Internet the reason was that ㄇㄛ˙ was mistakenly type as ㄇㄜ˙ of course. later there will be brought about by the invasion of simplifie Chinese characters and Well its rare. but Ive encountere it. and I suspect its a common typo. In the same way. there are many variations of eh use in Hey. are you free or Youre very annoye.

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to write the phonetic notation directly for some Brazil WhatsApp Number List  time. Hey depending on the specific pronunciation. some people like to choose this. only use to pronounce words. ye only use at the end of sentences. not use to pronounce words . Choke ibid.. as well as the simplifie Chinese character eh and the simplifie Chineseinfluence eh. This very everyday. very casual word will certainly evolve to be more casual. but I still dont want Chinese usage to flow in.

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