Chinese phoenix phoenix and the Chinese dragon

 but we did not. but also in terms of naming creatures regardless of whether they actually exist. we and Western languages ​​have always had the habit Chinese phoenix phoenix and of naming new and unknown things with known things. Just like Marco Polo believe that Chinese dragons are very similar to Western dragons. Chinese also uses jaguar to translate Jaguar and cougar to translate Cougar. On the other hand. there is no confusion when Westerners call the  dragon sometimes with Chinese adde in front.

Similar issues can even

expand beyond biology. Japans Murakami Navy New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data is essentially a security group compose of local people. It charges fees from passing ships in exchange for pilot services avoiding rocks. etc. and maintains security in the waters. The Murakami Navy has the word Navy in its name. and is also calle Pirates by the Japanese. However. its operation method is very different from that of the Chinese Navy and Western pirates. But the Japanese still have not revise the name or classification of the Murakami Suijun or similar historical groups.

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 In recent years. the

Chinese Communist Party has often made articles Vietnam WhatsApp Number List on these words in order to export culture. including the aforementione phoenix. zombie and even todays dragon. To understand the unknown has been a practice for hundres of years. so there is no nee to insist on a different word. Otherwise. if all countries follow the same rules. pasta cannot be calle Italian noodles but must be transliterate fiddle cannot be

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