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We are very happy to cooperate with Jason and iKu Intelligent Technology. said Zhong Ziwei. Both of us believe that this is the best time for a strategic alliance. On the one hand. Key Comment Network can build one of the largest content and data platforms. and Diversifying its products also allows iKu Intelligence to analyze more highquality data. strengthen its original CDP service capabilities and expand more diverse MarTech applications. We look forward to developing more mature products together in the future.

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the same time. Key Comment Network Meia Group Spain WhatsApp Number Data also announce that it has invite Gong Ruqin Elaine. the former general manager and chief financial officer of City State Meia Holdings Group. to join as the groups chief financial officer and integration chief. Elaine has worke for City Meia Holdings Group for years and holds CPA licenses in the Unite States. Taiwan and China. Her joining will help the group build its future financial capabilities and integrate various businesses and services from meia content.

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to technology applications. I am very excite to join. Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List Critical Comment Network. the fastest growing digital meia group. said Gong Ruqin. I look forward to working together to perfectly integrate the meia content. technical services and data applications of Key  digital platforms. I am deeply attracte by the ideals of rational discussion and highquality content that Key Comment Network appeals to. At the same time. I believe that the products and services they develop fully explain their persistence in their ideals.

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