Department is rumore to have severe diplomatic

But of course. neeless to say. I am afraid that few people have the means to prove whether these two usages are relate. In the end. we can only know from Department is rumore to have actual usage that the other side calls project project. which is equivalent to our project. Todays case is more troublesome. Although it may be use by the Communist Army. due to the current lack of evidence. it can only be regarde as possibly a Category A Chinese term B.

Friday January  Verb inversion

I happene to see this news headline this Spain Phone Number Data morning The U.S. State Department encourages countries to expand exchanges with Taiwan. This is a very important sentence for us translators. because to come to Taiwan can be cut into to come to and to come to Taiwan at the same time. which will make readers wonder where to break the sentence at a glance.

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If the author of such an article

uses it in his own translation. the reviewer Saudi Arabia Phone Number will definitely deuct readability points in the comments. In fact. the full title of this article is U.S. State  relations with Tuvalu after the election Encouraging countries to expand exchanges with Taiwan . It was only shortene to the original due to space restrictions on the homepage of the website. but in this way. To communicate with Taiwan became to communicate with Taiwan.

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