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We have the word project to take care of most usages equivalent to the English word project. which the CCPs Simplifie Chinese does not have. The item in Taiwanese usage For example there is an is simply use for an item in a list. or is use to translate the English item an item among menus. lists. catalogs. etc.. and is not use for developmentbase Work plans propose and implemente for purposes such as research and development.

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why the Chinese Communist Party uses project to Russia Phone Number Data translate project. After all. the use of case has been use a long time ago. and it is also use on the other side. However. there is one small thing that may be worth mentioning when Soviet Russia. which has close relations with the Chinese Communist Party. develope experimental tanks during the Cold War era. they usually did not give them official models.

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Instead they starte with

Object Объект and adde Serial number. tracks. the ability Russia Phone Number to cross terrain. and equippe with nuclear. biological and chemical protection. calle Object . This Object is uniformly translate as project on the other side. both officially and privately. For example. the aforementione Object will be calle Project . If the CCP has a long history of mixing work. project. project with object. item. project. then it doesnt seem so strange to call a project a project.

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