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 we will not cancel. Future Big Figures Officially Start In . when the global epidemic spread. we restarte the plan for future big names and starte the selection Future Big Shots Event official again. Together. Better is our summary of the spirit exude by Taiwanese society last year. Last year. we not only identifie future big names. we also starte preparing activities to travel to various places. Even though this process was not easy. the first event of Future Bus finally starte on May .

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little slower. it seems to be gradually getting on track. But Germany WhatsApp Number Data none of us planne for the epidemic that starte on May . . This has le us to cancel the second Future Bus on May th. And it also casts variables on our subsequent activities this year. After comprehensive consideration. we have postpone the start of the selection of future big names in . However. we are just postponing it and changing some activities to fully online participation.

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to move forward.  form Nomination time from on German WhatsApp Number List June to on July Review and review From August to early October Candidate announcement The list of future big names in is expecte to be announce at the end of October Event time Starting from November th this years event scheule is expecte to be announce at the end of September The core spirit of future great figures Stand for Good. Stand for Truth During this difficult time.

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