Group past future big names private representatives

 Social meia and selfmeia have accelerate the circulation of many unverifie and unconfirme information. As mentione before. rumors have never disappeare from human society. but the advancement of technology has given these words space Group past future big names to spread faster. What we nee is not just to rely on supervision. but to return to each of us. This is our last line of defense. When preparing for the Future Big Shots. we had no idea that such a call would be neee so quickly.

All the turmoil these

days may once again test whether we are people Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data willing to remain kind and seek facts. Future Big Shots Jury and Jury Chairman When we think of the President of the Jury in the spirit of the above. Soon. we thought of a candidate. and surprisingly. this candidate generously agree to our invitation. As chairman of the Future Big Shots Jury. we invite former Vice President Mr. Chen Jianren. He and Yang Shifan. cofounder of Critical Comment Network.

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 convene our judging

panel. This year we have the same composition IIndia WhatsApp Number List as last year. the composition of the jury is jury convener colleagues from Critical Comment Network Meia All selection matters will be decide by the jury. We adopt a twostage selection process the first stage is a written review to identify the final candidates for interview. Taking into account the epidemic. this years interviews may be conducte online. Future Big Figures Announcement Event As usual.

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