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The leaders will say that the person is not cut out for public accounting but the reality is that the leaders are not cut out to develop employees and build meaningful long term relationships. The only way the public accounting environment in whole can change in regards to its not so great reputatio n of treating people is to face the cold hard truth of the leaderships general lack of intepersonal skills and then change can take place.


Great article and I agree that upper management is out of touch with whats going on down in the trenches. Not only are we dealing with cut backs in help and hours immiate management is trying to micro manage everything down to our emotions which is just disgusting. MICHAEL CAVANAUGH UAE Phone Number List BLAES FOUNDER BLAES CORPORATE CONSULTING My observation is that the fundamental issue is finding meaning in work. In my work as a compliance officer at two organizations one a large domestic bank and another a large foreign conglomerate I learn that the most important part of a compliance program is providing folks with the message that what they do matters.

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Of the compliance training outlining the amazing things ing done at IMI and about of the time allowing folks to tell their own compliance stories.  that they re part of something Spain Phone Number bigger than them they will  loathe to put it at risk. Then if you give them the tools to spot issues they ll take there. lieving in the company and what it does is the greatest motivator in a leader s quiver. JO AD The lack of train managers is also an issue throughout many companies managers are simply people who have done the job for a long time and mov up the chain the bad habits they have form throughout the years continue ever onwards and are forc upon newer teams low them.

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