Hei Zaixiong gave barrage voting as an example

 For us. its just Its just one more platform to upload videos to. Findings from operating Bilibili Danmaku is more interactive and Chinese people are curious about Taiwan Speaking of the biggest difference between operating Bilibili and YouTube. Hei Zaixiong believes that Bilibilis unique barrage culture enhances the sense of interaction between creators and audiences. Selling Brain believes that if the word Taiwan is include in the video title. it may increase the videos traffic Hei Zaixiong gave barrage on station B. Barrage originate in Japan and is an interactive function for instant comment.

During the video playback

viewers can send and watch instant messages Brazil Telegram Number Data on the screen. and these messages scroll across the screen in the form of a marquee. The characteristic of barrage is that it can create visual effects through different colors. sizes and fonts. More importantly. the sense of community create by barrages on the Internet allows viewers to feel each others presence during the viewing process. Screenshot_2024-01-16_5pm_12_11 Screenshot from Bilibili Users of Bilibili can add various styles of barrages while watching videos to enhance interaction among communities.

Telegram Number Data

 Hei Zaixiong said that he

likes the barrage function very much because it Canada Telegram Number allows him to interact more with the audience and feel the audiences enthusiasm more deeply. The UP host can embe a voting interface in the video and ask the audience to vote for option one if they like it. and vote for option two if they dont like it. Whenever an audience member participates in voting. real-time subtitles fly by. The audience can directly understand the voting results when watching the video. and the UP host can also directly talk to the audience through barrage when making the video.

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