Preety simple. Save your own number in your mobile with any name. Now just go to whatsapp and search that name. Once you find that name just click on it. The new message window will open. Just click on this name again on top where you can see about this contact. If you scroll down, you can see “Groups in common” and where you can see all the common groups between you and this name contact. In this case this contact is you.

Its Simple. Save Your Contact Number on which you want to check Group Count.

Go to Contact list and open your Contact. Tao on Message WhatApp option and it will take you to WhatsApp chat screen with your self. Now tap on profile and you will see the count of groups you are member of. This trick is also useful to check your internet connection by sending test message. other important usage of this trick is that you can make note of all important things by sending an important message to your own WhatsApp Number.

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