Bulk Email Marketing is a marketing strategy where a marketer or business owner usually sends email marketing messages or newsletters to a huge list of subscribers.

What is charge restriction?

Most web hosting e-mail account companies permit customers to send e mail by the usage of the net mail browser interface or by using the usage of a SMTP reference to the email account SMTP server. No remember the way you ship the emails (from web interface or email consumer software program), you need to be aware about the “fee restriction” (the restrict for sending emails in line with day) mounted by your e mail account provider, mainly while you act bulk e mail advertising. It is always a good idea to contact your Czechia B2B Contact List provider and ask about the email ship rate, before proceeding with a mass e mail marketing campaign.

Sample price limit values

The following restrictions practice for Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo.

Gmail e mail ship restriction – no extra than 500 recipients in keeping with message for the Gmail web interface, or max a hundred recipients if you are the use of an electronic mail consumer software.

Hotmail e-mail ship restrict – no more than a hundred recipients according to day.

Yahoo Mail email ship limit – no extra than a hundred emails or recipients per hour

The charge restrict for popular web hosting providers including backspace allows 2000 emails in step with day. If you need to send greater than 2000 emails in line with day, you want to apply some 0.33 birthday party solution for your bulk e mail advertising and marketing.

Solution to conquer fee limit

The nice solution we recommend is ship grid. We used send grid to send 37000 emails per day from our bulk e mail advertising and marketing software, Email Marketing Software Express and works simply well.

Once you ran Email Marketing Software Express campaign, just logon to ship grid and look at e-mail reviews(opened,bounced,etc). Send grid also ship weekly facts approximately your marketing campaign through Czechia B2B Contact List with complete reviews.

Combining Email Marketing Software Express with ship grid drives you in right course for any number of mass e mail advertisements.

Good success to your electronic mail advertising !!!

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