In addition to the above four most basic services

Use appropriate aids and techniques to avoid harm to elders or caregivers. Pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene to prevent infection. Consider the elders health and specific nees and tailor care to those nees. Respect the privacy and dignity of elders. In addition to the above when providing care. there are also services. Such as foot care. tube irrigation. turning over. And patting on the back. measuring life signs. limb joint activities. accompanying outings. accompanying meical treatment. etc.

all of which can be

provide according to the nees of different elders. arrange. Since Taiwan Phone Number Data its establishment. the een Foundation has adhere to an unswerving mission to provide continuous support and services to people in nee in society. This concept originate from one of the founders. the late Ms. Liu Xia. a disable writer. and six likeminde friends. They share a dream. hoping that no matter who they are. they can find their own world and live and grow freely.

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 Ms Liu Xia once said

There is a large garden where flowers and trees are plante. various Estonia Phone Number types of poultry are raise. there are workshops. buildings. and enough space for people to relax and entertain. Wandering among them are those who cannot see with their eyes and hear with their ears. Children who have no money. cannot walk well. and children who are mentally retarde. have facial disabilities. and have mental disabilitiesthis is their Garden of een.

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