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 So. what services are include in the services provide by home attendants. and what kind of professional eyebrows are there Lets get to know each other een FoundationElderly issues __ coloring Photo Creit TNL Brand Studio . Meal preparation service and It is generally assistance with eating Service content Prepare meals and assist in eating according to the nees. nutritional status and dental condition of the elders. Eyebrow corner If the elder has bad teeth. the housekeeping staff will cook the meal softer. puree it. and cut it into pieces to make it easier for the elder to eat.

If the elders reject puree

food. beat the legumes or grain foods into a thin New Zealand Phone Number Data form and let the elders drink them directly. It is necessary to prepare appropriate tableware according to the elders swallowing ability. the elderly eat on their own. If they nee assistance from resident staff. they must pay attention to the feeing spee and eating spee. However. regardless of whether the elder can eat by himself or not. the nursing staff nee to ask the elder to open hisher mouth to confirm whether the food has been swallowe. so as to prevent the elder from choking due to food remaining in the mouth. which may cause danger.

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 Bathing service Service

content Assist elders to put on and take off clothes Canada Phone Number and bathe. Eyebrow angle During the bathing process. you nee to pay attention to the water temperature. Use the inside of your arm to measure whether the temperature is moderate. Care must be taken to avoid water getting into the eyes. During the bathing process. you will sit on the toilet or a potty chair.

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