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 In addition. Key Comment Network Meia Group also announce the official launch of its latest seventh meia brand. Ohsowow . with content focusing on Korean entertainment. culture and lifestyle. In view of the recent continue strong demand for Korean entertainment and cultural reports. Ohsowow became independent from the film meia Movie Search in October and develope rapidly. It is expecte that the number of unique monthly readers will reach million in one year.

Ohsowows goal is to become

the first choice platform for highlevel Korean Singapore Phone Number Data entertainment and life reports in the international Chinese market. Recently. Key Comment Network Meia Group has focuse its expansion strategy on mastering unique data to produce highvalue content. increase the stickiness of existing readers. and attract new readers to join in a virtuous cycle. Tatt Chen. head of the Key Issues Research Center. explaine After obtaining authorization. we can get closer to the audience. analyze their thoughtsattitudesreading preferences. provide personalize contentinformation that has not yet been satisfie. and finally share it with more people.

Phone Number Data

Many people with similar

nees. Obtain this important data on a large Indonesia Phone Number scale. learn from it. optimize existing content and information. and then connect with the audience through marketing technologyartificial intelligence. This is where we can make a difference. In order to achieve the goal.  will continue to invest and integrate zeroparty data obtaine from mobile terminals with authorization and in compliance with personal information law regulations. such as Engagement Lab. Share Party and other research platforms. and various meia under Key Comment Network Firstparty data. as well as second and thirdparty data obtaine through marketing technology or artificial intelligence. to establish an overall data ecosystem that supports the entire group.

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