Mandarin of the Republic of China before the

This is the relationship between the author and This is my first encounter with the usage of very re. But there is a big problem with this word in China their Mandarin of the Republic of very popular can easily make people have strange associations. No matter which country the Communist Party is in. almost all of them use re as their representative color. Under such circumstances. a very popular artist will inevitably make people think that this artist has contacts with highlevel party and government officials.

Therefore.although the word

popular is still use in the other side of the country. it became Mexico Phone Number Data chaotic after it develope into very popular. Later. after the collision with Taiwanese Traditional Chinese. some people trie to compromise and invente Fiery Re. while others wante to further emphasize very hot so they came up with Hot Explosion and finally it became like this. In fact. in theĀ  influence of the CCP. very hot means a person is very angry. fire re means a kind of re. and hot means a person has a bad temper.

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As for honghonghuohuo it is

not at all use. Taiwan has never been rule by the Lebanon Phone Number Communist Party. and there is really no nee for us to avoid them. Since the original word is popular develope into very popular. we can just use it. Today we encountere Category A Chinese terms for the first time in a long time . including very hot and its derivatives

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