Taiwan did originally distinguish between

On the other side. CCTV starte to promote good morning. good afternoon and so on. Among them. good night is the biggest problem. because many people Taiwan did originally in Taiwan think good night sounds like the kind of good night before going to be. Therefore. good night is indee the most invade among the various uses of CCTV. In fact.  greetings for people you meet at night and greetings before going to be.

The former is good night

and the latter is good night. But now in the st century. if we Iran Phone Number Data say good night may give people an image of being arrogant or even too formal. as if the eldest lady is greeting outsiders when she sees them. Therefore. even if the author is doing translation work. I will not use this usage. Instead. I will not distinguish between the two night greetings and just write good night.

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In fact. this direct greeting

of good night has been practice in radio stations in Taiwan Philippine Phone Number for many years. Until the time when the author was in elementary school and still listene to the radio. radio stations did greet good night in the evening. The reason why the Chinese Communist Party promotes the usage of good evening is not clear to me. Maybe it is because this good night can cause some people to misunderstand.

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