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become a memory that truly belongs to us. Today we talke about the usage of verb. This is a usage independently develope in Taiwan due to Taiwanese Taiwan usually uses further language. It belongs to Category E Chinese terms. Another day we may also introduce the misuse of have due to Taiwanese language. which is also interesting. Thursday. February . |And then In the past two days. when I was translating books introducing fighter jets. there were often sentence patterns like because of this. so. so. so. so.

Since English word

order the order in which things are said is often Belarus WhatsApp Number List reverse from Chinese. it takes a lot of effort to change the order back. and many times you even have to rewrite the sentence. In this process. the author often wants to use a word. which is thereby in the simplifie Chinese language of the Communist Party of China and further in the Mandarin Chinese of the Republic of China. Take this example The fourthgeneration Mazda has adjuste the position of the rearview mirror backward to reuce the Apillar blind spot and avoid accidents.

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 In this sentence

adjusting the position of the rearview mirror first Cambodia WhatsApp Number List causes the direct result of reucing the blind spot of the Apillar. and then the direct result further causes the indirect result of avoiding accidents. When it comes to the word between direct and indirect results.  the Taiwan Strait uniformly uses thereby. In fact. this thereby is one of the first Chinese expressions that the author notice. As early as when the author was still studying in a translation institute. I had talke about this matter with an exchange student from the other side of the country.

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