Taiwanese Traditional Chinese In this example

 and the way they are use seems to have change in the past ten years alone. which is worth noting. Friday. February . |Progress and Process Today I happene to see a news headline from a few days ago on my mobile phone Representing the historical process In this example of Taiwan The National Museum of History is reunveiling and will officially open to the public on February st . Thats right. today we are going to talk about this process. Process is basically a word introduce by the Chinese Communist Party to translate the English word progress.

Progress in English can

represent progress. process. progress. and even Malaysia WhatsApp Number Data means a little bit of step depending on the part of speech. We have mentione many times before that the Chinese Communist Party likes to use one word to represent all different meanings of the same word. and the word process is no exception. Of course. this also means that we must be very careful when converting  the process from Simplifie Chinese to . Taiwans historical process should refer to historical evolution.

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 which is closer to the

meaning of process. In fact. when the text of the Turkey WhatsApp Number List news quote the original text of Mr. Shi Zhe. the Minister of Culture. it first wrote Taiwans historical process and then Taiwans historical process. Whether Mr. Shi said the same In this example thing twice. but not every word was the same. or whether the reporter made a mistake. the author. who did not listen to Mr. Shis speech live. has no idea. But since there are these two versions.

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