Taiwans first firstparty crosssite interactive

Adiction. a marketing technology. Company under the Critical Comment. Network Meia Group. recently launcheĀ  data. Application platform CeP Content. Engagement Taiwans first firstparty Data Platform. This platform analyzes more than million unique users and million digital browsing footprints every month. providing efficient data marketing. Solutions to achieve higher clickthrough rates and reuce singleclick costs. In addition. according to Comscore Display Ad Ecosystems October indicators. Advertisings advertising network has covere .

of mobile device users By

properly combining and utilizing CeP data. Critical Japan Phone Number Data Comment Network Meia Group has become one of the leading advertising technology and data meia platforms in Taiwan. Critical Comment Network Meia Group currently has more than employees and plans to continue to expand its readership. international influence. strategic data partners and develop new technology capabilities. Its brands include Key Comment Network . INSIDE s Internet Trend Observation . Sports Vision . Coolc . every little d . Movie God Search and Ohsowow .

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About Critical Comment

Network Meia Group TNL Meia Group is the first meia Iran Phone Number service platform in the international Chinese community that combines crossborder content with data technology. The readers we serve start from the Internetnative generation and extend upward and downward. providing inclusive. indepth. diverse and highly influential information. With the help of zeroparty. oneparty. and threeparty data databases. as well as crossdomain core products such as AI artificial intelligence data analysis and marketing technology. we can effectively grasp user profiles.

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