The actor of the character is Taiwanese and he should

 more and more people seem to have forgotten that the word harem is simply the simplifie Chinese character for harem. and began to use it in The actor of the character is what should have been This usage is also use in places where Taiwanese Traditional Chinese is use. As a writer. I am still worrie. In fact. it is not that uncommon to be indistinguishable from behind. In . the Chinese TV series Nirvana in Fire had an incident where the word hou in The Spiritual Position of the Empress Dowager was mistakenly replace by.

Although the CCP adopts

simplifie Chinese. The props and sets of costume Brazil WhatsApp Number List dramas. Still basically have to. Be written in traditional Chinese characters. Unfortunately. because the locals are obviously not familiar with traditional Chinese characters. they still occasionally encounter such mistakes at least one important person in Langya Bang  have appeare in front of the prop of the spirit of the Empress Dowager. As for why he did not correct it. or why we. the audience. still saw the typo of Empress after correcting it. we will unknown.

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 Lets come back to the

issue of harem being written as harem. The author India WhatsApp Number List suspects that some people have begun to think that the palace where the concubines live is calle harem. This is just like the Ministry of eucation insisting on changing thoroughly to thoroughly. Some wrong usages can be justifie. but it is still wrong. And it is precisely because wrong usage can be justifie that it is easier to expand misuse. Today we briefly introduce the problem of harem being written incorrectly and becoming harem.

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