The core users of Bilibili are the young generation

Intern in the eitorial department of Critical Comment Network What we want you to know is Chinas video and audio social platform Bilibili has hundres of millions of young users. Is such a huge business opportunity very attractive to Taiwanese YouTubers This article interviews video creators who live on both YouTube and Bilibili. Why do they enter Bilibili Can Bilibili support The core users of Bilibili creators Bilibili transliterate as Bilibili. referre to as Bilibili is an audio-visual social platform founde in China in 2009. The barrage comment system is one of the most important features of Bilibili.

It also creates a strong

sense of belonging and high stickiness in the Australia Telegram Number Data community. group culture.  under the age of 35. with an average of 341 million monthly active users. The diverse content on Bilibili not only attracts a large number of Chinese young people. but also many Taiwanese people have become Bilibili members because Bilibili represents a wide range of animations. variety shows. movies and dramas. as well as Chinese-subtitle videos that are not available on YouTube.

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 Station B has a huge

number of users and there are potential Australia Telegram Number commercial interests. In addition to Taiwanese users. will there also be Taiwanese video creators who open Station B channels and become UP hosts This time. Key Comment Network specially interviewe two groups of video creators who operate both YouTube and Bilibili – Hei Zaixiong and Selling Brains hereinafter referre to as Selling Brains. They will take us to understand the opportunities to enter the creation of Bilibili. And how much profit you can get by becoming an UP owner.

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