The exclusive quenching and kneading method

 The lard has the advantages of traditional directfire cooking. boiling in water. and modern refining technology. It retains the strong aroma The exclusive quenching and of traditional fireboile lard and the warmth of waterboile lard. The aroma is mild and has no fishy smell. It also has the fine quality of modern industry Photo Creit Tongqing Oil Products  makes lard delicate in texture. stable in quality. and easy to handle because of its oily texture. As for frying nees.

Tongqing has also develope

liquid frie oil products to make frie foods crispy. rich UK WhatsApp Number Data in aroma. refreshing and not greasy. Tongqing Fragrance Butter King is a firecooke fragrant butter with high food safety standards and in line with Chinese dietary preferences develope by Tongqing base on the nees of Taiwanese catering companies. It is an oil product that fills the gap in highquality butter on the market. The raw material of Fragrant Butter King is carefully selecte pure New Zealand and Australian beef fat.

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 boile over direct fire

and the temperature and firepower are strictly controlle to Philippine WhatsApp Number List completely quench out the essence and aroma. It is then filtere and coole to lock in the aroma. and then uses exclusive rapid cooling and kneading to stabilize the crystallization of the oil. Photo Creit Tongqing Oil Products Fragrant butter has a fragrant. mellow and strong butter aroma. It is very suitable for use in soups. spicy pots and frie foods. The aroma is full but not fishy.

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