The host of the first to third seasons is Yang Shifan

 In the fourth season. the wellknown writer Big A will be invite to serve as a cohost. and celebrities from all walks of life will be invite to conduct indepth interviews in the form of dual hosts. Both parties believe that through different perspectives and cooperation. they can bring richer and more exciting content to the audience. Mario Drinks with You is an online The host of the first to third seasons voice program podcast with indepth interviews with people. The interviewees range from highlevel managers. corporate CEOs. to professionals in various fields. Mario. cofounder and content director of Critical Comment Network.

The first season invites

professionals from various industries to share Canada WhatsApp Number List their stories. and the second season is about making special stories about Taiwans bar culture. Starting from the third season . celebrities from all walks of life are invite to go to style bars around Taipei to have drinks and chat. and talk freely. Life stories and career insights receive enthusiastic response and support from the audience. The program was launche in January . Since its launch. episodes have been uploade. with a cumulative broadcast count of more than .

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Million times It was publicly

recommende to the homepage of the Apple Podcast Malaysia WhatsApp Number List platform in July . and has also been feature on Apple Podcast Taiwan many times. High on the hit list. Yang Shifan has observe and analyze base on his experience of producing podcasts for more than three years. Around June last year. Taiwans podcast circle began to blossom. Many enthusiasts began to produce podcasts. There were only a few new programs in the past month or two. In the past. There are several new programs appearing almost every week this year.

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