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 Saturday. February . Dragon Today is the first day of the Lunar New Year. Since this year is the Year of the Dragon. lets talk about the dragon. There happene to be such a report in todays Unite Daily News The English word for dragon is dragon The influence of this ChineseEnglish Mainland China nees to change its name to loong . The CCP has always been very committe to distinguishing different mythical or legendary creatures between China and foreign countries. They advocate that the Western phoenix should not be calle phoenix. but phoenix the Western zombie should not be calle zombie. but should be calle zombie or living zombie.

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version of these legendary creatures has also Benin WhatsApp Number List worke hard to promote the use of different words in English the Chinese phoenix they promote is fenghuang in English. the Chinese zombie is jiangshi. and finally this time the Chinese dragon is rename The idea of ​​loong. This report saves the author the work of checking the English allusion of dragon and the Chinese Communist Partys intention to modify it. because it is written directly in the text Chinese Communist Party official meia reporte that the word dragon was found in Marco Polos Travels to the East usually translate as Oriental Insights or Marco Polos Travels.

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appearance. Marco Polo believe that the dragon in France WhatsApp Number List Chinese architecture has certain similarities with the Western dragon. Later. the British missionary Morrison compile the first ChineseEnglish Dictionary in history. which translate dragon as dragon.  so profound that the word dragon has been passe down ever since. At the same time. the report also explaine for the CCP the reasons why they want to correct the name. including the different origins of the dragons on both sides and the different positive and negative connotations.

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