The purpose of third-party marketing vendors is

Selling Brain also pointe out that although the current revenue of Bilibili is less than that of YouTube. because their Bilibili channel has only recently exceee 10.000 followers. and the Bilibili channel was not originally opene for the purpose of revenue. it will not Pay special attention to how much profit you get. Before negotiating a meal. you must first increase your exposure The purpose of third-party In addition to relying on the creator incentive plan. if UP mainly wants to increase its own income. it must earn more income through industry matching. which is commonly known as rice meal in China. just like YouTubers.

To successfully attract

sponsors. you must continuously improve your Denmark Telegram Number Data exposure and traffic. As Heizaixiong and Maimao accumulate more and more works on Station B. they began to receive private messages for cooperation from third-party marketing vendors. inviting them to launch a Take-Off Promotion Plan on Station B. This plan is a set of marketing and promotion services launche by Bilibili for creators. By accurately targeting target. customer groups. creative content can. e more easily seen. thereby increasing active fans and increasing channel traffic.  to act as an intermeiary between Bilibili and creators. assist creators in operating the backend of the take-off promotion function. and take a commission to earn marketing fees.

Telegram Number Data

 Hei Zaixiong said that because

he is not a full-time video creator. the number France Telegram Number of video updates is small. and he has to spend money to increase exposure. so he does not plan to cooperate with third-party marketing companies. Selling Brains currently still focuses on YouTube as its main creative focus. and the industry partners it receives also use YouTube as a promotional channel. Therefore. it believes that it does not nee to launch a take-off promotion plan at this stage and spend extra money to increase the channels exposure opportunities.

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