The relevant software will calculate the ratio of the

number of seconds the subtitles are displaye to the number of words. I think it cannot excee words per second. right Next. the time when the subtitles start The relevant software will and end should be consistent with the time when the actors mouth moves the movement of the mouth in cartoons is relatively unclear. so it may be base on the voice. So in fact. strictly speaking. we do not require that a highly recognizable word such as a transliterate noun that can be recognize by people who do not understand the original text must have a similar number of syllables to the original text.

But what about Simplifie

Chinese on the other side The author has Italy WhatsApp Number Data mentione a little before that the Chinese Communist Partys eucation authorities have produce quite detaile tables on the Chinese transliterations corresponding to various pronunciations. They also seem to have a rigid rule that one syllable must be translate into one word. This causes the translation results of most Western languages ​​to be longer than those in Taiwan. Lets take the same example of Japanese animation. In the animate work Lucky Star years ago.

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 There was a character whose

name was the feminine version of Patrick girl Philippine WhatsApp Number List version. Her name is Patricia. which is translate as Patricia in the Chinese translators subtitle impression. For example. in the animation Furien Burie that aire one season earlier. the original name of a character is Stark German. which is written as in Japanese and Shutark in Chinese. The above two examples are the typical results of the Chinesestyle name translation method. The results of both translations are that the number of words is consistent with the original text the original Japanese text of the animation.

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