The soul element that makes the rice taste

cooking with animal oil is the secret to making dishes taste better. Adding a little lard to the food can make the aroma fuller and the color more The soul element that makes beautiful adding butter to the spicy pot can make the spices bloom fully spicy. With the spicy aroma. it also adds a bit of butter aroma. making the soup base more fragrant and flavorful. The reason why many head chefs like to use lard and butter is because animal oil has a richer aroma. stable properties.

and is more resistant

to hightemperature cooking. Here are a few Thailand WhatsApp Number Data dishes that head chefs recommend using lard and butter. Take a look at the pig Beef and butter make dishes more delicious. The key to the familiar Taiwanese oldfashione taste lies in the lard to enhance the flavor The familiar oldtime aroma of Taiwanese cuisine actually relies on animal fat to enhance the flavor. For example. the Lard Bibimbap that most evokes peoples ancient feelings.  full of aroma is lard.

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 Experience chefs also

like to use lard to fry vegetables. which can modify Japan WhatsApp Number List the bitter taste of vegetables and make them smoother in the mouth. Frie rice nees to be particular. and lard must be use. so that the aroma is more fragrant. the rice grains are distinct and not soggy. and the ingreients. whether they are shree pork or shrimp. are not dry. and the ingreients and rice are blende just right. In addition. lard can also be use in banquet dishes such as re rice cakes to make the highend ingreients more fragrant.

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