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Most transducers have something like antenna. Another name. on the other side it is still calle a sensor but in Taiwan there is another word calle converter. the original The traditional Chinese text is converter for example. the torque converter of an automatic car. but on the other side. the wording for this word is less uniform. Just like Taiwans converter. So in fact. we have to talk about streamlining words.

When it comes to

sensors and relate words. Taiwan is actually no Australia WhatsApp Number Data more lazy than the other side. They have also made efforts to reuce words. but the specific degree of reuction and merging may be different. Today we talke about sensorssensors and relate words. which belong to Category B Chinese terms. Perhaps readers can also try to look it up. and maybe they can find out how these words evolve in Simplifie Chinese and our Mandarin.

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Sunday February

Pronunciation words and sentencefinal particle eh Arabia WhatsApp Number List Today when I was reading an online comic. I saw someone using the word eh. Today should be the first time we just talk about words. In fact. as long as it is written in a larger font. you can see that the left half of eh is completely the verb side of the simplifie Chinese character. character itself is very difficult to type using the phonetic input method I havent trie out how to type it yet.

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