The word process is also commonly use by Chinese

 In this example. Taiwans historical process should refer to historical evolution. which is closer to the meaning of process. In fact. when the text of the The word process is also commonly news quote the original text of Mr. Shi Zhe. the Minister of Culture. it first wrote Taiwans historical process and then Taiwans historical process. Whether Mr. Shi said the same thing twice. but not every word was the same. or whether the reporter made a mistake. the author. who did not listen to Mr. Shis speech live. has no idea.

But since there are these

two versions. it should at least be enough to show Belize WhatsApp Number List that when Mr. Shi talks about process if he really says that. what he wants to express is actually process.  Communist Party officials. What impresse me the most is that it is use in matters such as the Belt and Road Initiative and other major projects promote by the central government. I dont know whether I want to express where we are now level and continue to advance progress at the same time. or whether I want to make the dull process more dynamic.

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 In short judging from

the use cases I have seen. No matter which word China WhatsApp Number List process is converte into the Mandarin of the Republic of China. the meaning will change slightly. This is where this word is different from other words that are combine with several different meanings. Since process is use quite frequently in official documents of the Chinese Communist Party perhaps it should be calle propaganda. the author will classify it as a Category A Chinese term. But as usage evolves and the author comes into contact with more information. this classification may one day have to be change.

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