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 Perhaps we can elaborate on this another day. The issue of the number of syllables in transliteration and the derive reundant words introduce today Then there is a small detail involve are classifie as Category A Chinese terms because they involve the transliteration rules set by the eucation authorities of the Chinese Communist Party. Wenesday. February . |Here. X The same topic is Villain Daughter Level . In the episode of this animation release last night. there was a clip where when the male and female protagonists were talking in the foreground. the classmates in the background did not move at all.

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But thats not what were going to talk about today. What we Bahamas WhatsApp Number List want to talk about is that someone should be a Chinese or Ma Xing audience left a message at this clip No more moving at all from behind 后 and 动 are both simplifie Chinese characters. Of course. he was immeiately correcte by another person. In addition to hou and movement. the correction was the word Zai. The person who correcte said that should be use here. but after looking at the cause and effect. the author felt that this might be a misunderstanding.

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person who correcte you said. writing doesnt move Australia WhatsApp Number List at all behind. this would be a bit strange. First of all. the passerby character in the back is indee always in a still picture. but according to Taiwanese usage. it should be written as the back is not moving at all. right  people will not notice. Not moving is actually Taiwanese. Im not doing it anymore. Are you studying. You guys are flirting and you dont care about the occasion comments of the same episode of the same animation. these are all Taiwanese usages that have entere our daily life.

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