There are many Chinese words that are

In addition to the readability problems mentione above. it also create a Chinese term that harme the original usage of Chinese. For example. declaring war on Japan should not be written as declaring war on Japan this usage is often seen in discussions of the There are many Chinese game Hearts of Iron. and negotiating with the other party should not be written as negotiating with the other party.  not suitable for traditional Subject. verb. object sentence pattern. you must put a word such as to. to. and is it calle a preposition after the subject. and then say the object first. and then the verb.

However under the CCPs banner

of simplification. inappropriate rhetorical inversions Italy Phone Number Data such as omitting such sentence patterns into subject. verb. and object have gradually become rampant in the past ten years. This may not be the language reform that the Chinese Communist regime intends to promote. but it does conform to the purpose of simplification of Simplifie Chinese. In fact. English has a similar situation. Starting about ten years ago. English meia began to write phrases like take something on board as take on board something.

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This is exactly the same situation

as our Chinese. In English. it seems to be only Singapore Phone Number regarde as an evolution. However. in Chinese. at least in the Mandarin of the Republic of China. the acceptance is not high. Only areas invade by Simplifie  are More commonly use. As a professional translator. the author still wants to reiterate that we hope to maintain the original characteristics of otherwise. why would we speak Chinese Wouldnt it be great if everyone spoke English. so if some words are traditionally use in this way. We should not arbitrarily invert the word so that it seems that it can be use like a foreign language.

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