There are strange trees in the courtyard

Chinese characters have evolve from a few characters to so many characters now. For example. the words wang and jade. hua and hua were the same words in There are strange trees in ancient times. Therefore. occasionally there are some words that mean other words in modern Chinese. For example. in Nineteen Ancient Poems. with green leaves blooming in bloom. The hua here means flower.

Similarly the current of

the current enemy and the current epidemic Turkey Phone Number Data situation. this dang actually means block in modern Chinese. Therefore. the enemy is now does not mean that we encounter the enemy now. but that there is an enemy standing in front of us. In Chinese language. current is use as the meaning of current. describing a situation in time. which means that this matter is in the same time as us while the original usage of current refers to someone What is oppose to us in direction perhaps a forward direction. perhaps a hostile act of confrontation.

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Whats even more amazing

is that in that movie The Enemy Is Now. I actually Mexico Phone Number saw someone writing The Enemy Is Now on YouTube. Now is also a word that can represent now. at the same time. but it is not suitable to be use in the original meaning of current. Originally. this was not a major discovery. After all. anyone may write a typo. However. when I saw subtitles on a Chinese Communist Party CCTV program. the horizontal beam was written as level level and level are use in abstract extende meanings. it means level.

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