There must be butter in the bottom of the

 Lard is perfect for baking snacks. The crust of Chinese cakes is made of lard. which has a crispier texture and a more stable appearance. It is also very suitable There must be butter in the for use in Westernstyle bread. Drizzle some lard on the dough of green onion bread. After baking again. the bottom of the bake bread will have a crispy aroma. the green onions will become more fragrant. and the layers will be richer Photo Creit Tongqing Oil Products The bottom of the spicy pot should be fresh and fragrant.

and butter is essential

As for . It is very suitable to be paire. With spicy Turkey WhatsApp Number Data dishes.  Spicy pot to give the soup. A rich and mellow taste. and the aroma of spices. Can be brought into the mouth spicy sauce is made. With- which has a more mellow taste. As for beef noodle soup and beef dishes. add some butter to make the beef more delicious Photo Creit Tongqing Oil Products If you want to use the best lard and –

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 go to Tongqing. a fat expert

Lard and butter are fats obtaine from animals. and Malaysia WhatsApp Number List their sources nee to be carefully selecte. Many wellknown general chefs specify the use of the Fragrant Lard King and Fragrant Butter King series of oils from Tongqing. a major oil manufacturer in Taiwan. . because Tongqing has very high standards for raw materials and quality. The raw materials only use qualifie pigs and strictly select beef tallow importe from New Zealand and Australia. Only highquality raw materials can make good lard and butter.

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