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 offline and data. IKu Intelligent Technology is also. Excite about the important cooperation. With the Critical Comment. Network Meia Group. iKu Intelligent. These new technology services. Technology is very please to have the opportunity to cooperate. With a meia group with such depth and diverse. Content as Key Comment Network Meia Group. Obtain more indepth information from the meia to help optimize each others services and make the products of both parties more competitive in the market. Aiku Intelligent Technology attaches great importance to technological innovation. valueadde. dataoriente processes.

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customers with better solutions. After jointly South Africa WhatsApp Number Data establishing DaEX with the Key Comment Network Meia Group. we will be able to provide customers and partners with more There are many benefits. said Jason Lin. CEO and cofounder of iKu Intelligence. Zhong Ziwei. cofounder and CEO of Critical Comment Network Meia Group. said that DaEX symbolizes an important element of the group at this stage. In the previous stage. Key Comment Network focuse on developing into the largest independent meia in the Chinese world.

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 providing diverse and highquality

content to Chinese readers around the world. Now German WhatsApp Number List the second phase will develop more technical services. integrating AdTech. MarTech. market research and big data analysis.  locomotive for the Group to create future profits and allow independent meia to continue to develop positive influence without intervention. while continuing to optimize datarelate products and services. By creating DaEX and building its own AI and CDP platform. all publishers. corporate brands and marketers can use automate data product services to conduct various valuable marketing activities more efficiently in the future.

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