They can help elders who are unsteady

 If the elder still has the ability to walk or use hand function. the resident staff will encourage the elder to clean the front side by himself. and the resident staff will assist the backside to maintain the elders living functions. Slow down degradation. They can . During the bathing They can help elders process. residents must pay attention to the privacy of their. but they must also pay attention to They can ventilation to avoid the room being too stuffy and causing the  or residents to faint.

Accompanying people

when going out. meical treatment. and purchasing Hong Kong Phone Number Data Service content Many patients find it difficult to go out alone due to their physical condition. Therefore. accompanying them for walks or meical treatment at home They can help elders and work. and assisting patients in purchasing daily necessities are all very important services.  in their steps to go for a walk or exercise for the elders.

Phone Number Data

 Purchase daily necessities

such as toilet paper and shampoo to make their lives China Phone Number more comfortable. . Basic daily care Service content Assist the elderly to turn over. move. trim nails. assist in getting in and out of be. brush teeth and wash face. assist in changing diapers and other basic daily care. Eyebrows Before engaging in any activity. make sure the environment is safe and free of slip or trip risks.

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