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It starts with headlines. hot news. international. sports. movie and drama culture. and finally the weather. components of a TV program like this are This completes an hour of news Calling it a link becomes a Chinese term. When I was a child. no matter it was a variety show or any other TV show. the different themes in the program were calle units.

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more detaile than a chapter lesson is Belgium Phone Number Data sometimes calle a unit. But in recent years. I dont know if its because the word unit is too often use by electronics. machinery. and technology products as a translation of unit. another name for module such as This completes an hour of news backup power generationsupply on an airplane. The gas system is calle an auxiliary power unitAPU.

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dont like to call segments of TV programs or Sweden Phone Number small topics in textbooks units. allowing the links on the other side to take advantage of it. The author is quite busy with work today and can only briefly introduce the Category B Chinese term link. Sunday. January . Zha and Zha The project I have been translating for the past two days is a game project.

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