This has cause these three words to become quite

 but deviates from the pronunciation of the real original text of the name. For example. if the same Stark is given the character Tony Stark Iron Man in This has cause these three an American movie. the translation will be completely change. and it will be translate into a very Taiwanese Stark the pronunciation of Stark in German and English is different . but does not affect the number of syllables. In fact. the example mentione above just happene to encounter two common problems when the Chinesestyle personal name translation method encounters secondary translation through Japanese.

one is Teand the other is

er or Lu. In Western languages. sometimes there Japan WhatsApp Number Data is an extra t. r. or l. Sometimes these consonants are not pronounce. and sometimes they are pronounce very softly. However. when encountering Japanese that cannot be pronounce without vowels. these sounds are often translate into u. Japanese does not distinguish between r and l. ru is actually pronounce as lu. and these two A sound with a vowel force into it will become Te.

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 Lu or er in the Chinese

transliteration method.floating in some works from Singapore WhatsApp Number List or translate from Japanese. By the way. before I decide to give up writing graduate thesis. I once read a paper comparing crossstrait lingo. which indee mentione that Taiwanese translators names tend to start with Chinese surnames. The aforementione Stark. the famous Stalin translate as Stalin in Chinese. and former German Prime Minister Merkel translate as Merkel in Chinese are all good examples.

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