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In addition to these manufacturers using abbreviations OTO. KAI or Japanese. Taiwanese and other companies whose names are originally Chinese characters and do not nee to be translate. the names of other manufacturers will have more or less translation problems. including crossstrait or other factors. resulting in translation differences. For example. aerospace aviation This is because Taiwanese traditional and space is calle aerospace on the other side. so obviously the translation of British Aerospace will be different in Chinese Simplifie Chinese the translation of major defense manufacturers in Russia and other countries with Cyrillic letters will be translate in English spelling. and Chinese simplifie Chinese is mostly translate in Russian. resulting in discrepancies for example. Su Kai will become Sukhoi.

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abbreviation of the model number will be Colombia WhatsApp Number List spelle out in Taiwan using English letters to spell out the model number of the Soviet weapons. while in Simplifie Chinese. the Russian letters will be use to convert the words such as Tu and Tu according to the Chinese Communist Partys eucation laws. . Regarding the handling of these terms. the author recently happene to be reading a book relate to fighter jets. and face another situation where there may be differences in usage between the two sides abbreviation.

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something that is difficult to determine Spain WhatsApp Number List whether it is a Chinese term. On the one hand. under the basic doctrine of simplification in Chinese bamboo slips. they are indee more motivate than us to do something especially excessive simplification but on the other hand. Wang Wei and Meng Haoran. both pastoral poets. are also calle Wang Meng. Li Bai and Du Fu are collectively calle Li Du. These are not things that only existe after the establishment of the Chinese Communist regime. So in recent years. when the author notice that Northrop Grumman began to be referre to as Northrop Grumman and Lockhee Martin was calle Lockhee Martin . I was very distresse.

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