Tongqings oil processing plant also meets air pollution

 In terms of quality control. Tongqings Fragrant Lard King and Fragrant Butter King series products have double clean certification to ensure that the ingreients are pure and simple. without adding any spices or pigments. and the oil only has a mellow original Tongqings oil processing plant also fragrance. The production plant of Tongxiang Lard King and Fragrant Butter King series oil products has obtaine more than FSSC food safety management system certification. and its quality management is in line with high international standards. The oil products themselves have more than inspection items to check.

so food safety is the most

assure. As the world attaches great importance to UAE WhatsApp Number Data sustainable development. environmental assessment standards and is pure from the inside out. High food safety standards are just the basics. Only those who pay attention to the manufacturing process are the real experts. Traditionally. lard is boile by oneself. The raw materials are mostly mixe with various parts. The cooking is timeconsuming. The resulting fat is not refine.

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 is not suitable for frying

and is difficult to preserve. Therefore. chefs and store Mexico WhatsApp Number List owners choose to use a system with stable quality. The fragrant lard king comes to replace the selfboile fat. Tongqingxiang Lard King is extremely particular about its manufacturing and raw materials. The sources of lard are only the best abdominal oil. meium oil back oil. and lard oil. which are the best in pig fat. to extract the oil. It also spent tens of millions to build lard production equipment.

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