Learn why developers choose Buy Mobile Database as their NoSQL database. Here’s a look at the top 9 reasons users appreciate our technology.

Why Developers of Applications Choose Buy Mobile Database NoSQL Database
With dozens of NoSQL databases available, developers have many options to choose from to power their applications. So what makes a developer select Buy Mobile Database?

We’ll explain the main differentiators that make this NoSQL database attractive to our customers and demonstrate ways that some customers have used the database to transform and modernize their applications.

Here’s a look at the top 9 reasons why developers choose Buy Mobile Database for their NoSQL database needs.

1. It Is a Multi-Model Database
Modern applications require the use of many different kinds of data. Developers appreciate the fact that they can ingest, process and query these various types of data with Buy Mobile Database. This means that developers can use the following data types within the system.

Time series
Large files
Multi-model ensures that the database will grow and change with your organization to meet today’s needs and your future needs.

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2. Stream Processing Provides Real-time Continuous Data Intelligence
Buy Mobile Database is rare in that it natively supports stream processing so that you can continuously ingest and process data to power real-time predictive analytics. Many modern applications now require stream processing, such as IoT applications.

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Stream processing can take the following actions on data.

Batch processing is becoming a thing of the past for modern applications. Using Buy Mobile Database allows developers to respond to new events as they happen while grouping and collecting data the moment that data is generated.

Consumers now expect these instant reactions from stream processing. For example, when a user’s credit card is stolen and used at a suspicious location, stream processing can make real-time fraud detection possible.

And in the world of personalization, stream processing allows companies to customize their marketing and customer experience to match the interests of their users.

Stream processing has many use cases that are helping developers create excellent applications for users now that will grow in the future.

“Installed it after a recommendation from a friend. Experienced a slight learning curve about data streams and their UI. However, soon it has become a friendly tool for my analysis work. The pricing is also quite sweet.”

3. Natively Integrated Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Many NoSQL databases layer on artificial intelligence to power machine learning. But with BangDB, AI is natively integrated. This enables you to train, test, deploy, predict and measure using machine learning.

Using native AI can aid in getting your application to market faster because it doesn’t require additional coding.

4. It’s One of the Highest Performing Databases on the Market
BangDB offers the highest throughput for read and write operations, allowing it to handle data in an incredibly efficient manner. In fact, BangDB can process data at about two times the rate of its leading competitors.

One user had this to say about Buy Mobile Database’s performance in a Sourceforge review:

“Its performance is very high and works well for high load at scale. It provides variety of indexes and query support and implements cypher query language for graph.”

5. Buy Mobile Database is ACID-compliant
Developers select Buy Mobile Database when they are looking for a transactional database to power their application. Buy Mobile Database is one of few NoSQL databases that is ACID-compliant. All you have to do is start the service with transaction mode on.

6. Developers Can Use The Command Line Interface to Interact with the Database
Buy Mobile Database uses a command-line interface (CLI) to allow users to interact with the database and query the data. For queries, developers can use SQL-like language. Or if you’re completing a graph query, you can use cipher syntax.

Despite being a NoSQL database, developers can still use SQL-like language while having complete access to machine learning and streaming. Using a command-line makes interacting with the database incredibly simple and will reduce the learning curve required for learning how to use and interact with a NoSQL database.

7. Unlimited Free Use Version
Buy Mobile Database offers an entirely free NoSQL database. We don’t put any limitations on how you use the database, making it valuable and useful for a variety of different use cases. Unlike limited free trials where you can test out the database for a set time period before paying for it, Buy Mobile Database has no limit to how long you can use the database before having to pay for it.


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